Kieffer - Black

Kieffer is a textiles atelier that advocates respect, love and the exploration of textile-making.

Kieffer develops from the Rubelli’s expertise and contributes to the expansion of its offering and textile production research.

Kieffer deeply regards the knowledge that resides in the past, while equally embracing the potentiality of the present.

Kieffer joyfully navigates weft and warp with the confidence that detail makes the difference.

Kieffer sees textile as the preferred interface for the tactile exploration of the domestic environment: fabrics serve life to veil and highlight, to shelter and comfort, and ultimately to always celebrate the senses.

Kieffer weaves together the archetypical and the simple with the bold and the adventurous, as long as it serves and honours daily life.

Kieffer knows when to be quiet and when to be exuberant, when it is time to whisper while also recognising the innate intensity of raw materials.